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The very point of startups is getting things going as quickly as possible and turning profit early in the game. Nevertheless, there is no room for lack of planning – in fact, doing this efficiently is what makes every startup that has survived its initial phase tic. Here is a list of things to do before starting your startup.

Find the Industry that Fits You

The first difficult step for someone wanting to become an entrepreneur is actually finding an industry to fit their style and talents. On another hand, the advised prerequisite for starting a startup is actually already knowing what your small business will be about. Before getting things going, you should think about what interests you – entering a business you aren’t attracted to can easily lead to its quick crashing and burning.

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Know what’s Trending

From another perspective, a company’s success is largely based on getting into a currently burgeoning industry, such as interactive technologies (app design, for example), little luxuries, wellness, etc. If you are interested in any of the mentioned, well, then you’re in luck; in other words, if you have a knack for something that’s popular, there is no reason not to cash it in. If not, well, anything done on the web has a certain number of followers, from content writing to blogging.

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Get Familiarized with Your Competition

Businesses that specialize in the same or similar type of products in your area may well cause you problems, especially owing to the fact that your peers probably are in possession of some hard-earned loyalty. For example, if there are two Indian restaurants in the same streets, the best case scenario is sharing the customer base, which automatically means that you can cut your earnings in half; the worst case scenario is, well, crashing and burning. This is why sizing-up your competition is so important, properly investigating the market will help you choose more than a good location. If you have to personally go and visit your competitors, by all means, do so!


There are many ways of obtaining funding – you can ask your friends to become your business partners, get a loan from your family or a bank, or find investors. When choosing partners, use your own judgement – if a friend is unreliable, limit your contact with them to weekend fun and hanging out. If you aren’t eligible for a bank loan, you can always rely on your family. However, investors require a financial model, so contacting experts is a smart way to go here. Keep in mind, however, not to succumb to their insistence to provide them with a copy before you actually personally meet – they might not choose to share your vision based on a faceless document; instead, tell them that you have a carefully outlined model that you are willing to show only during and after a face-to-face meeting.

Employee Safety

Making sure that your employees are safe within your offices is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to running a business. Cover all the basics, such as proper fire equipment, evacuation diagrams, first aid kits and electrical installations that fit the standards.

Find a Good Name

Establishing a strong brand starts with a catchy and memorable name that represents what you do. Use your creativity and imagination here and make sure that you’ve checked that the name isn’t already taken – you do not want to be forced to change your startup’s name just as you’ve started turning profit!

These steps aren’t something you should cover once you’ve already started your startup – you will have a lot on your platter at this point. With a good plan, you’ll enter the game prepared, which means that your startup will likely grow into something strong and successful.

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