Meetings are one of the necessary evils for any company that wants to keep everyone aware of what’s going with projects and other issues. They are often a bit boring unfortunately. Many managers have tried all sorts of games and other tactics to keep staff focused at meetings. The task usually gets even harder the closer it gets to holidays and vacation seasons. Employees and managers alike are daydreaming of relaxing. However, there are tricks to staying focused, and it may not be what you would usually expect.

If you have been paying any attention to popular children’s toys or social media, you will have seen the fidget spinner. The fidget spinner was originally designed to help kids focus, but adults have also found that it is effective for their attention spans. While at first glance, this gadget may seem like a serious distraction, researchers have learned that they often keep our hands busy, which helps our minds stay focused on the task at hand.

With this in mind, there are many other things that we as managers may interpret as a sign of being distracted that are actually beneficial to the attention span. Doodling, for instance, is something many are prone to doing halfway through meetings.

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If you think about it, the temptation to do it is great considering there are writing materials and paper everywhere. Long before the fidget spinner hit the market, this simple activity has been helping employees everywhere engage their creativity for small moments while they are in meetings. Most often, doodling does not take a substantial amount of attention from the drawers. Rather, it allows the person to momentarily rest their minds on something else, which can be beneficial during a long work day.

You can encourage this practice by setting out plenty of notebooks and pens for everyone to use at meetings. Of course, the goal is to encourage them to take notes on what is being presented during the meeting. But try not to take offense if somewhere along the way you witness someone doodling.

Experts have asserted that those small pictures help people to remember the information being presented to them. If you are throwing a conference, this is also the perfect time to hand out branded notebooks and pens, so that they will remember your company.

The other benefit to drawing it that it influences creativity. No matter what product or service your company sells, creative employees are a godsend. These people are the problem solvers of your company, the ones who will think outside the box and find more effective ways to accomplish common goals.

Do not stifle this exercise, but rather embrace it and encourage it. Unlike the fidget spinner, which may actually detain them from making necessary notes at some point, drawing is a discreet way to allow your employees to detach themselves for a moment and invest in their own creative skill sets. If you are still wary of how effective this tactic may be, try doing it yourself at a meeting you are not the head of.

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The import and export of goods has become a traffic as dense as the one on the highway at the end of the shift. In this sea of flowing items and information, one question naturally arises in a mind of an average individual: how do I clear an item at the border? This is a job of the customs broker. The customs broker is responsible for clearing imported and exported goods. He or she has to make sure everything is done by the book – regulation, packaging, documentation, taxes and fees. In a way, they are the gatekeepers, which makes their job overwrought with responsibility. Each detail has to be done correctly; if not, consequences are massive.

To put all of this in perspective, let’s discuss the basics of customs brokerage.

They have their fingers on the pulse of the world

As far as commerce goes, we live in one global state. The world has never been as small as it is today. Importing and exporting goods is the most important traffic in the world, and customs brokers have their hands drenched in the water of this endless river. The entire economy infrastructures that go beyond benefiting a single country and have something approaching a continental impact depend on import and export and laws that guide this dynamic. Customs brokers are the harbingers of these laws. One could say that it is a job similar to the one of a judge. They make sure what goes in and what goes out, by the book. Cases might vary in surprising ways, but the end result has to abide by the law.

The essentials of the work

The job of the customs broker has to fulfill two basic needs. Firstly, they deal with online and offline documentation, country-specific regulations, taxes and other payments. Secondly, they make sure it is done in a timely manner that is both seamless and economic. Customs brokers work for the client and, of course, they have to be licensed. They are responsible for filling out all the necessary forms and paperwork, as well as presenting it to the government agencies. A good customs broker knows all the papers needed down to a “T” in order to prevent any delays. They also have to be in constant connection with the client, personally or over a communications device, so they can strategize about the specifics of the needs and how they can be met according to all the rules.

Making people happy

It’s all about providing parties (citizens and companies) with what they need. You have bought an item over e-bay and it has to come in from abroad? It will go through the hands of a customs broker for sure. They are standing on the line of defense against terrorism and enemies of the state. Without this dynamic, people would be incredibly more isolated, but the items have to be “on the list” of the goods that are allowed in the country. A customs broker works with the customs department to ensure that only what is allowed comes in. This goes both ways, of course – a customs broker not only makes sure the sender is doing the transaction legally, he or she also checks if the client is not breaking any laws.

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Over time, a job like any other

However, on paper, it might sound more exciting than it is. In truth, it’s a job just like any other. You can find various customs broker agencies but always choose someone with decades of experience and a strong network of relationships like a customs broker from Australia. Everyone wants the process to be done as smoothly and timely as possible. Big corporate clients and governments for this exact purpose and to avoid any headache with possible legal issues. This is why it’s all about hiring the best custom broker or a group of brokers with the most experience and best connections. The chances are, the older the customs broker is – the greater variety of items that has passed through his or her hands has been. This makes them prepared for anything, and the client safer in the eyes of the law. Essentially, a customs broker is the necessary mediator between the exporter and the importer, between the sender and the receiver (the client). It is a stressful job that doesn’t seem to reap a lot of rewards, but it is also an essential cog in the civilizational machine that makes us all sleep safer at night.


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