In case you have been looking for a Managed Service Provider or MSP, chances are you have come upon many of them who offer “best managed services available”. Still, with so many options available today, finding the right one for you can be very difficult. In order to make choosing your managed services provider much easier, we have come up with 5 tips that are guaranteed to be of much help.

Choose a Provider with a Lot of Employees

Doing business with an MSP with a lot of employees is definitely a good idea. In fact, opting for an MSP with a lot of staff is the best way to maintain your business’s current structure and see it grow from a technology standpoint. Of course, the MSPs will have always have more than one client, and you can only be assured you are getting what you paid for if there is enough employees, especially because the providers always have a large number of clients.

Find a Payment Method that Works for You

When choosing your MSP, you should also always make sure you go for one that offers you a payment method that works for your business. There are several managed services fee structures that providers usually offer to their clients – alerting and monitoring only, pay per device, and pay per user. You should always try to go for a payment method that allows you to pay per user since it offers your company a lot of flexibility. Also, while negotiating with an MSP, make sure you ask them what is included in your monthly fee and are there any additional costs.

Find Someone You Can Easily Communicate With

The key component of maintaining a successful relationship between your business and your MSP is going to be communication. That’s why when choosing an MSP, you should always go for someone you can easily contact. Being a managed services client, you are entitled to know absolutely everything that is going on with your technology. In case something needs to get fixed, your MSP is also supposed to provide you with all the necessary information about the malfunction. So before you make your choice, make sure you ask them how you can get the updates from their team.

Go for Someone with Experience in Your Industry

It’s very important that you opt for an MSP who has some experience in dealing with the companies who operate in the same or similar line of business as you do. In case they lack knowledge and experience in your industry, there will always be a disconnect between expected service and services provided. Also, if there are any regulations in your business, your MSP should be aware of them. So for example, if you practice healthcare, turning to someone like Medihost Solutions would be a great move.

Make Sure You Can Trust Them

Of course, it is necessary that you opt for a MSP whom you can trust. In fact, doing business with an MSP is just like hiring an employee. That’s why you have to be very careful when finding a team to take care of your technology. It’s always a good idea to ask some of your business partners to recommend you a proven managed services provider. Even then, it’s very important that you hold a meeting with them and make sure you can trust them 100%.

Make sure you do all of these things and you will be guaranteed to find the right MSP for your business. That way, any issues involving your hardware, software or network infrastructure should always be dealt with in no time.


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