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The race to the top is only going to get more fierce. Entrepreneurs and business owners that have a product to offer are bending over backwards to attract the attention of potential customers. The products are diversifying and competition is sprouting like spring flowers.

The global market has never been so colorful and so furious in its attempts to bid for the attention of an average customer. If you are one of those young entrepreneurs, fret not: here are the best ways to attract more customers fast!

Know your target audience

 This is a starting point that won’t cost you much, but it means all the difference in the world. Many businesses have a problem to attract customers without spending a lot of money on advertising, but there are ways to start off without emptying your wallet.

Sensibilities of your customers are the focal point of your business. Find the most effective way to track your customer’s basic features and desires. These can range from basic questionnaires to utilizing the advantage of security cameras for this purpose. You need to know their age, sex, gender, education, lifestyle, financial situation and interests.

You need to hold an image of your average customer constantly in your mind as you devise marketing strategies. In fact, it might be best to have several photographs of your average customers above your own desk (and the desk of your partners and co-workers, if you have them).

Your business is always about serving others. If your “razzle-dazzling” strategies are focused, the customers will feel as if you’ve personally engaged them, which brings us to the next and probably pivotal point in the marketing right now.

Offer emotional engagement

 This is one of the most crucial trends that is catching wind at this very moment. Capitalistic frame of mind has reached its breaking point and there is an air of fatigue among customers with mass produced items that are marketed, very cynically, as something made “just for them”. It’s glaringly obvious these items are just soulless copies shipped right off the conveyor belt.

People don’t just want to have everything they covet, they want it to be personal, custom-made and they want to create a relationship with the product and, by extension, with you. Emotional engagement is not only the future of marketing, it is the future of production and capitalism.

Keep this in mind and you will be ahead of the curve, because no matter how transparent this emerging aspect of attracting your customers actually is, old habits of great corporations die hard.

The latest technology is your greatest asset

 We are not talking about the Internet. The great minds of marketing have laid out the cornerstone of what marketing on the Internet will look like more than twenty years ago, so on its own merits, it’s hardly the latest news. VR technology is on the rise right now, and this offers potentially amazing opportunities to market products in engaging new ways.

Some companies, like VIZ360, have already jumped on this bandwagon and they are offering a full customer virtual tour of the desired product. This is the ultimate experience of every customer – to have a detailed and diverse inspection of every possible product at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

It’s incredible how handy it is for such a distinct palette of products – from furniture and home wares, to luxury goods like jewelry, rare clothing, cars and boats. Combined with internet marketing, virtual showrooms have become the integral part of attracting customers, and every entrepreneur worth their salt should board this train while it’s still in focus as the cutting-edge technology.

We live in the world dictated by consumers. In order to win in a constant battle for their attention, you have to understand what makes a customer tick. When push comes to shove, you have to give it your all to pique the customers’ interest – because in the end, the pitch is half the sell.


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