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One of the business world’s most discussed topic, user experience or UX for short refers to methods and practices used to improve the interaction between organizations who offer specific products and services and the customers interested in said products and services. Although it’s not really an exact science, there are numerous ways businesses can work on improving their customer experience. Let’s go over the five simplest and most efficient methods of providing your customers with the best experience possible.

Engage your customers

Engaging your customers is a surefire way of increasing the overall customer experience. Encourage your customers to express any issues and concerns they might have and to leave a review or a testimony describing their shopping experience. This helps your company get valuable insight about how customers perceive your brand and the products and services you’re offering. Forget the traditional customer support channels and focus on utilizing various social media platforms to respond and talk to both your existing, as well as any potential customers that might need a small push towards taking the final step and completing the purchase.

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Don’t be afraid to ask your customers

One of the most underused aspects of customer engagement is coincidentally one of the best methods of increasing said engagement. Most business owners tend to avoid directly asking their customers about their experience for one reason or the other, however, it’s one of the easiest and simplest methods of getting the information you need. If you have any concerns regarding your existing line of products or you simply want feedback about any innovations you plan on implementing, simply ask your customers. That said, asking without actually listening to your customers is a bad business move and you should avoid doing this at all costs.

Mobile experience is crucial

In 2015, Google has released a report which stated that more than 50% of all search queries are made using a mobile device. This comes as a no surprise, once you realize that people use search engines to look up literally anything that comes to their mind, whether it’s the nearest restaurant, comparing prices for various products or simply checking for traffic or weather conditions. And the device that is always by their side and ready for use is their smartphone. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, or at least responsive and enjoy the full benefits of both having a satisfied customer, as well as having a better chance of ranking your website better in the search results.

Be quick with your responses

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This means that the average consumer want their questions answered as soon as they ask them and waiting days for a reply is simply not an option. This is best accomplished with a dedicated customer support team committed to dealing with customers around the clock. As we already mentioned above, the traditional means of customer support such as emails and phones are slowly getting replaced with social media comments and mentions, so make sure your team is covering all the social media platforms used by your customers.

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Try using a dedicated UX software

Having an entire team of people dedicated to answering your customer’s questions might be a good option, however, it can also be a costly one, which can be a rather challenging task for startups and small businesses with limited budgets. This is where customer management software comes into play, as it allows business to manage all their customers using a simple, yet very efficient interface. Customer relationship management or CRM software is being used in almost all customer-oriented industries. Even hospitals have started implementing this software, as they are under constant, ever-increasing pressure to provide patients with the best care imaginable. Fortunately, medical practice software in Australia is one of the best in business and can vastly improve the clinical workflow and increase the overall practice efficiency.

These are just some of the ways various businesses can leverage engagements, as well as dedicated software solutions in order to increase and improve the experience their customers get subjected to on a daily basis. As you can see, the methods are very clear, understandable and more importantly, efficient when properly implemented. As such, they result in better conversion rates, improved sales margins and increased revenue streams.


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