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Some people love their jobs, some people hate them. All of them, at some point, think of quitting and starting their own thing. So, why aren’t we all entrepreneurs? The answer is rather simple. Unlike your boring, albeit safe 9-to-5 job, starting your own business is riddled with risks and challenges. Maybe too many to make that leap of faith. Have you ever considered doing a side-gig instead? You can forge your own little empire, watch it grow, and if the income is satisfying – yes, you can finally rage-quit. Here are a few ideas that should help you to get the ball rolling.


Buying online is incredibly convenient. However, the internet has more than enough blind spots for you to exploit. This primarily refers to flea markets, yard sales, and other places where people can find amazing items for even more amazing prices. Only, if they have made an effort to actually leave the house. It’s up to you to constantly check sales, find the best items and resell them online. Start with safe bets, and move on to more exclusive goods as your capital grows.


Not every blogger becomes rich. But the ones that do are having the time of their life. Just imagine – making a living by writing about the things you love. To do that, you will first have to sharpen your writing skills. Furthermore, you’ll have to find a way to put a mainstream spin on your ideas. The only way to make your blog successful is to generate traffic. Finally, you should start reading about SEO and online marketing. Not the easiest path out there, but boy, is it satisfying.

Social-Media Expert

Essentially, a social media expert is a person that spends a lot of time on social networks. That means, every one of us. This time, instead of spending your free time posting on your profiles, you will be posting for other people. Once again, you’ll have to learn a bit about online marketing, and know the rules of each particular network and its users. You can find plenty of opportunity for such gigs on websites like Upwork and Freelance, but try to also work on your personal branding and be as independent as possible.


You may think that you need an extraordinary level of skill in order to take the fate of someone else’s appliances into your own hands, but you really don’t. People call for help even for the most mundane tasks you can imagine. Besides, you can always research, buy new tools and improve your skill. Home appliances, bathroom fixtures and furniture aren’t nuclear physics – you can grasp them one step at a time.

Dog Sitter

Here’s an easy one. If you like animals, dog sitting can be a very rewarding experience. Start by asking your friends if they need your services. Once you earn a few recommendations, you can start with shameless self-promotion. As money continues to pour in, you should continue to invest in marketing and new equipment (leashes, toys, etc.), until you’re ready to turn your house into a fully operational dog day-care center.

Bed and Breakfast Business

If you have an extra room in your house, there’s no better way to use it than to get into the bed and breakfast business. How to differentiate yourself from the competition? Give your home a special flavor that will attract visitors. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a Game of Thrones-themed house and have Dothraki horse meat for breakfast? Or, if you want to be more contemporary, you can always jump the Westworld bandwagon.

Having your own business is a blessing.  The road that leads there is not easy, but it is worthwhile. We hope that these ideas will help you start your own thing and finally say goodbye to the 9-5 working hours.

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5 Ways To Give Yourself a Raise

Renting industry equipment was often met with a fair share of disagreement. Namely, renting was considered to slow down the industry growth and deprive  small businesses of the long-term assets necessary for stable development. Both of these statements are, in fact, wrong. According to one US market research from July 2016, the rental of contracting equipment generates an additional 46.9% of industry growth. Here’s how renting benefits the businesses who lack the equipment.

Reduced Up-Front Investment

Every business starts from scratch. Not every business has the funds to immediately acquire all the necessary assets. For the vast majority of such companies, waiting for the right circumstances to make substantial up-front investments means bringing the entire business to a halt. The businesses who rent the necessary machinery are in the position to continue with their operations and generate revenue until they are able to obtain the piece of hardware they need.


The fluctuation of the market demand is an issue that plagues all businesses, regardless of their size. While some of them are able to effortlessly bridge the periods of long slow-downs, for others stockpiling the unnecessary equipment represents a huge waste of the precious resources. Renting the equipment offers such businesses a great deal of flexibility and scalability. When the spike in demand occurs, business can easily rent all the machinery they need. Once the equipment is used, it doesn’t generate any additional costs.

The Matter of Maintenance

Speaking of additional costs, all equipment needs maintenance. For start, all machinery needs to be properly stored and protected from the elements. Furthermore, the price of spare parts and maintenance in the long run overshadows the price of the equipment itself. These costs have to be taken into consideration when making the annual budget. Renting allows business owners to use the equipment they need to finish the job and leave the maintenance to the vendors.

The Depreciation of Equipment

All businesses buy the equipment hoping that they will, at some point, be able to sell it and return some of the invested money. Unfortunately, the market situation rarely allows for such optimistic thinking. The price of any device, tool or piece of the equipment starts to drop as soon as you buy it. The constant influx of more streamlined, affordable and newer alternatives doesn’t make this situation any easier. When you take all this into consideration, renting only what you need and when you need it does make a lot of sense.

The Opportunity to Try Out the Equipment Before You Buy It

Of course, not all businesses are planning to rent the equipment forever. In some cases, making an up-front purchase is a must. So, if you are, for example, planning to acquire an elevated work platform, you can always find a reliable ewp hire company from Melbourne, Sydney, or any other city your business may be located in, give the platform a try and make the final decision afterwards.

Tech Support and Assistance

Getting a handle on some new piece of equipment always involves a certain learning curve which can be very steep. Taking into consideration that you may sometimes need a specific piece of equipment for a specific, one-time purpose, going through all this trouble is simply not worth it. Fortunately, it is common practice amongst the vendors to offer technical support, instructions and assistance regarding the equipment. This way, responding to immediate and not that common demands becomes much easier.

As we can see, renting the equipment isn’t really harmful. On the contrary, it offers businesses various benefits they wouldn’t get if they were making an immediate purchase. Some businesses even choose renting over purchasing as a long-term solution. Put the numbers on the paper and you will see that your business can benefit from such an approach as well.

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