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Meetings are one of the necessary evils for any company that wants to keep everyone aware of what’s going with projects and other issues. They are often a bit boring unfortunately. Many managers have tried all sorts of games and other tactics to keep staff focused at meetings. The task usually gets even harder the closer it gets to holidays and vacation seasons. Employees and managers alike are daydreaming of relaxing. However, there are tricks to staying focused, and it may not be what you would usually expect.

If you have been paying any attention to popular children’s toys or social media, you will have seen the fidget spinner. The fidget spinner was originally designed to help kids focus, but adults have also found that it is effective for their attention spans. While at first glance, this gadget may seem like a serious distraction, researchers have learned that they often keep our hands busy, which helps our minds stay focused on the task at hand.

With this in mind, there are many other things that we as managers may interpret as a sign of being distracted that are actually beneficial to the attention span. Doodling, for instance, is something many are prone to doing halfway through meetings.

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If you think about it, the temptation to do it is great considering there are writing materials and paper everywhere. Long before the fidget spinner hit the market, this simple activity has been helping employees everywhere engage their creativity for small moments while they are in meetings. Most often, doodling does not take a substantial amount of attention from the drawers. Rather, it allows the person to momentarily rest their minds on something else, which can be beneficial during a long work day.

You can encourage this practice by setting out plenty of notebooks and pens for everyone to use at meetings. Of course, the goal is to encourage them to take notes on what is being presented during the meeting. But try not to take offense if somewhere along the way you witness someone doodling.

Experts have asserted that those small pictures help people to remember the information being presented to them. If you are throwing a conference, this is also the perfect time to hand out branded notebooks and pens, so that they will remember your company.

The other benefit to drawing it that it influences creativity. No matter what product or service your company sells, creative employees are a godsend. These people are the problem solvers of your company, the ones who will think outside the box and find more effective ways to accomplish common goals.

Do not stifle this exercise, but rather embrace it and encourage it. Unlike the fidget spinner, which may actually detain them from making necessary notes at some point, drawing is a discreet way to allow your employees to detach themselves for a moment and invest in their own creative skill sets. If you are still wary of how effective this tactic may be, try doing it yourself at a meeting you are not the head of.

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The common misconception that startups are designed to rise fast and fail quickly is detrimental for modern businesses. Yes, the very point of a startup is a quick boom, but in order to remain afloat in the sea of other businesses, entrepreneurs need to have a tendency towards stability. Here are some useful tips when it comes to starting a startup.

The General Idea

Although it is important, jumping simply making a leap of faith into the world of business simply armed with the will to achieve success is not nearly enough to get things going. In fact, it is those companies that started out just for the sake of doing business that are quick to crash and burn. Legacy is the name of the game here – something valuable that each one desires to leave behind, which means that innovation is the name of the game! Of course, inventing the wheel is not as easy as it once was, so if your idea isn’t a revolutionary one, make sure that you focus on improvement and efficiency. Take Google, for example – this company didn’t come up with something new and revolutionary, the Internet search engines already existed at that point. By making their interface faster and slicker than their competitors, such as Yahoo, for example, they have achieved success and are now at the very top of the business world.



Your workforce is a key factor in creating a proper basis for running a company. The better your workers are, the better you are off as a company owner. When hiring, focus on using big data – this revolutionary new way of getting informed about your potential candidates can go a long way in saving time and providing with more substantial information. Additionally, you aren’t likely to have access to a huge workforce, which means that your employees will have to be able to wear many hats – even those that don’t necessarily fit them – it’s going to be difficult at the very beginning, but the whole process is quite rewarding!

Financing and Equipment

Money is always the issue – unless you can cash out a whole lot, you are probably looking at either getting a loan, or obtaining other means of financing. The main advice to be given here is properly pitching your financial plan to your investors – refuse to display it without meeting all the parties in person, seeing as how they won’t necessarily share your vision from the mere blueprints of your plan, regardless of how detailed it is.

The other part of financing is obtaining equipment – you won’t exactly be able to run a business without computers, printers and even trivialities such as desks, chairs and pencils. As an entrepreneur, you may not possess talents for equipping your office, so opting for a commercial fit-out might be the best way to go here – always choose professional help if you have the means to support it!


Last, but definitely not the least, let’s address the product that you are pitching. After all, it is the very pillar of your business. Although product placement can be done after your startup is through the planning phase, coming up with the idea should definitely be done first. Investigate your market – keep an eye on the demand and offer something unique; you can save marketing planning for later.

In conclusion, although startups are widely considered destined for failure, this simply isn’t the case. Think of startups as a new way to tackle the modern business world – you have to be quick in the busyness of the modern world, so the entrepreneurs of today had to find a way to adapt. Plan everything properly and then spring your startup into existence – the planning stage isn’t the time to rush things!


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