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Shipping containers are a perfect solution for businesses dealing with bulk shipments. They are durable enough to be used for storage as well as transport and they are much more affordable than any other adequate type of packaging. Containers are available and managed all over the world, which means that international businesses can use them without worrying about delays or incompatibility problems. In the end, shipping containers are also a very eco-friendly option because they can be reused for years.

The most important choice a business must make regarding the shipping is whether to buy or just rent the containers. The answer depends on a lot of factors, the cost being just one of them and possibly not the most important one.

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Businesses that sell seasonal products will find it more lucrative to rent the containers. For instance, winter gear and clothes, or fruits and vegetables have a relatively set schedule, which means you will only need the containers for a few months, not the whole year. The same goes for storage, the containers can be used to safely store items you won’t be using for a while, after which you can return the containers and forget all about them.

The containers that have been in your possession for a while will probably appear worn out and possibly have some signs of damage. This can appear sloppy and unprofessional and it can damage your credibility if you’re bringing clients to the shipping site. Also, containers often get vandalized by graffiti artists, which also creates additional expenses. All of this can be avoided by renting the containers and letting the company that rents them deal with their appearance.

A business can change pretty quickly. It can grow or fail in a matter of months or even weeks. With the containers you’ve bought, you’re stuck with what you got regardless of the changes in your business. Renting provides you the option to expand and be flexible with your needs and not worry about overspending or being short on space when the shipment is due.


For those who are interested in the long-term use, buying a container is more cost effective than renting it. The only problem is determining what can be considered long-term. It’s safe to say that after a couple of years, the cumulative costs of renting will surpass the price of a container. The same applies when you’re certain that shipments are going to be necessary but you can’t determine the exact schedule.

Buying your own container, like the ones you can get from Sea Container Sales and Hire, will also allow you to make all the modification that you see fit. Large moving objects that pass through the hands of hundreds of professionals can be of great potential for branding and promoting your business. That means that when it comes to customizing, the first thing you should do on every container is add your logo and contact information. But, you can go beyond that–adding additional container departments is always an option depending on your needs.

Shipping containers are pretty durable and they can withstand a lot of impact, but if you’re expecting a difficult voyage and there’s a potential of significant damage to the containers, purchasing your own is a preferable option. That way you will only pay for the container; with a rental one you would pay for both renting and fixing or obtaining a new container for the renting company.

The advantages of using shipping containers are numerous. They are both easily manageable and eco-friendly. Businesses who need one should just assess their long-term plans and decide whether to buy it or rent it. The right choice is cost-effective and provides the business with many flexibilities in terms of schedule and maintenance.


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