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When it comes to security – it’s a never-ending cat and mouse game between the security companies and potential perpetrators.  The treat is now coming both from the cyber world and from actual breaking and entry. Luckily the security related technology is keeping up with the pace.

There are three levels of security the cyber technology can provide. The first one stops the attacks before they occur. The second uses a digital trail to find a perpetrator. And the third protects the sensitive data compromised by the attack.

Here’re a couple of ways in which security technology is going to evolve in the years to come:

User behavior analytics

This type of protection helps once the security has already been breached. The program is used to track users’ ordinary activity and record a pattern. The alert goes on when something breaks this pattern, i.e. when the user starts to act irregular and strange.

This usually happens when someone steals your username and password. Cyber security program is activated if an irregular amount of data is extracted or if too much money is transferred at once. Making copies of personal information can also be a trigger. This sort of security improves if the users’ behavior is tracked for a longer period of time.

Endpoint detection and response

It’s an emerging field of security software dedicated to investigating and mitigating threatening activity on hosts and endpoints (devices like modems, hubs or switches). Today malware, and now ransomware, is becoming increasingly sophisticated and it’s getting easier to bypass traditional antivirus solutions. Endpoints detection offers greater visibility of data which is accumulated at each endpoint and therefore prevents the loss of significant (meaning personal) information which is accumulated there. These security measures often work best when combined with network forensics tools.

Business security

Businesses, especially those dealing with cash and a lot of customers need security that goes beyond the digital (but in cooperation with it). Security locks on a couple of significant check points are just the first layer of protection. These locks can be accessed with codes, employee cards or even fingerprints depending on the level of security your business requires. Security screen also provides additional protection, because it’s much tougher than glass and resistant to potentially harmful chemicals. They also have excellent optical quality, providing the employees with a clear view of the premises at all time.

Hardware authentication

Authentication based on usernames and passwords has proven to be inadequate. It’s much safer to build the authentication process directly into the hardware used in everyday business. Authentication is based on three things – who’ is accessing a device, are they in the clear to do so and do they have some sort of token to verify the first two. Token is usually a security card of some kind. This is where the risk is and that’s why tokens are being integrated with the hardware itself. Using this approach is also preferable from the “Internet of things” point of view, allowing business to have a clearer overview of how the hardware is used.

Micro segmentation

Micro segmentation is a process of dividing collision domains into smaller segments. This is of great value for the security process. It integrates security more directly to the workflow itself. Security protocols are completely virtual, relying on so called virtual machines and operating systems. The boost to security comes from the persistence of this approach – without hardware –based firewalls, there is much less chance that the security system will break.

Security is one of the most important concerns for all businesses. Investing in it is no waste of money, giving how persistent and how serious the treats can be.

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