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If you’ve always dreamed about doing something nice for the environment, becoming an environmental consultant sure is a great idea. What environmental consultants do is provide expert assessment and advisory services for the companies that hire them. Therefore, people who pursue this career play an integral role in helping the environment. However, there’s much more about being an environmental consultant than you may think. So, if you’re wondering about how being an environmental consultant looks, make sure you keep reading.

What does an environmental consultant do?

 As mentioned above, being an environmental consultant is all about helping people who hire you reduce their impact on the environment. Therefore, if you become an environmental consultant, you’ll be evaluating current environmental policies and trying to come up with ways to improve them. Also, you’ll be in charge of measuring contamination both inside and outside the premises of companies that hire you. Furthermore, you’ll also be responsible for making sure that all the changes a company makes in their environmental policy follow all the environmental laws and regulations. You might also have to raise organizational awareness and promote the importance of sustainability and other environmental –related matters.

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What degree do you need to become an environmental consultant?

 If you want to become an environmental consultant, you’ll need a strong undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in a field related to the work of environmental consultants. We are talking about fields such as biology, geology, ecology, chemistry, environmental engineering, agricultural sciences or another similar subject. However, it’s strongly recommended that you get some work experience before you think about becoming an environmental consultant. You can do this by applying for short-term places and internships, as well as by taking part in volunteering projects you come across.

How much does an environmental consultant work?

 Anyone who’s interested in becoming an environmental consultant is probably wondering how much does an environmental consultant work. Going green is a real trend today and it’s safe to say that experts who offer environmental consulting services have to do a lot of work. Still, since you as an environmental consultant will have to carry out field assessments, you’ll have quite an irregular working schedule if you want to be able to fulfill all of your client’s commitments. In fact, from time to time, you’ll have to work on weekends, since that’s the perfect time for carrying out field assessments. On the other hand, when you’re in office, you’ll have regular shifts which last about eight hours.

What kind of training environmental consultants have to undergo?

 Most of the companies that offer environmental consulting services provide their employees with structured on-the-job training. However, this depends on the employer and their strategy. Still, undergoing training for an environmental consultant is essential for building a successful career in this industry. The way your career is going to progress also depends quite a lot on your employer and the size of their company. Typically, you’ll start as a junior consultant, before you become an associate consultant, senior consultant, and eventually a principal consultant. Of course, each of these ranks comes with more managerial responsibilities and requires less field work.


Since every contribution counts, more and more large companies are interested in the idea of investing in going green. Therefore, we can only expect to see more environmental consultants needed on the market. This makes pursuing a career in this field something you simply can’t go wrong with. And even if this means you’ll have to start small, bear in mind that you’ll eventually manage to move up the ranks in your company.

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