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Success is a wonderful thing. The overwhelming feeling of joy, relief, and enthusiasm you get when your accounting department notifies you that the company is stepping into the new quarter with a positive balance is just shy of pure ecstasy. You are able to expand your operations, build your brand, set new goals, and hire new staff to take on fresh and exciting challenges.

However, building success requires substantial investments. Whether it is your time, expertise or finances, success doesn’t come cheap and at some point, it will require you to move your headquarters to a more spacious office. Failing to move at the right moment might cost you money, manpower, and other valuable resources, so here is a checklist that will tell if it’s time to transition to a larger work space.

The clutter becomes unbearable

Are you and your employees starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, losing yourselves in a sea of documents, contracts, gadgets and flowcharts? While it is always important to maintain a clutter-free environment, at some point the sheer amount of accumulated work material will start coming out of the woodworks, and it will become impossible to store it away effectively or organize your workstation.

This is a clear sign that you are ready to transition into a larger venue where you and your team will have access to larger and more convenient desks, a place where you won’t have to knock over seven different things (including your coffee) to reach an important piece of paper.

There is no more storage space

If the free surface on your desk has shrunk to a point where it resembles Luxembourg on a world map, then chances are you don’t have any space in your drawers, shelves or file cabinets either. While you could try to bring in more storage units (have you tried hanging them on the ceiling, perhaps?) you are in a bind for space as it is, and chances are any added furniture will only result in a few broken pinkies. Yet sadly, the problem will persist.

The solution is not to install shelf number three hundred, it is to pack up your things and move it all to a new, bigger space. Handling office furniture as well as delicate and important work material is tricky business, so it’s best to let genuine pros, as these Ashfield-based experts for removals, handle the process from start to finish.

The conference room is always busy

Did you try to schedule the conference room for an important meeting at 2 PM, only to find out that it’s booked for the next two years? And how many times did you witness your colleagues fighting over who reserved the conference room first? If the meeting room is constantly busy and you do nothing about it, your business and your relationship with your clients will pay a hefty price.

Limited employee space

As your business grows, you are able to bring in more people, pay higher rates for skilled individuals, and create a thriving workplace, a powerhouse of success. You can’t do that if people no longer have a place to sit, or if every office is already taken.

You might miss an opportunity of a lifetime if you fail to bring in a partner or a staff member who is worth millions, simply because you lacked the office space to accommodate them. Don’t let your business suffer – switch to a more capacious venue.

The toilets are constantly occupied

Finally, if you never seem to get your turn using the facilities, then it’s time to either install new ones (and you don’t have the space for that) or to move into a larger office space with numerous facilities already provided. Ideally, every office should have its own restroom, but two toilets per floor are certainly better than nothing. Don’t let any individual bladder hinder the collective productivity in your company, simply find a larger office space.

Having the opportunity to move into a bigger office space is a blessing rather than another stressful chore you have to deal with. Most start-ups and aspiring businesses don’t make it into their second year, so be sure to regard your cramped situation as a clear sign of success that will lead you down a path of long-term wealth and prosperity.


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In the modern world of content saturation and a vast competitive global market, customer experience is essential for creating long-term business success. A sound business strategy aimed at decreasing expenses and maintaining an exponential growth rate will prioritize client retention above anything else as attaining new clients can cost as much as five times more than maintaining and nurturing existing ones. Here is how to ensure client satisfaction and give your office guests a world-class welcome.

Boast a ravishing smile

An honest smile can open an ironclad door and win over the toughest of hearts. One of the best ways to make your clients feel at ease and welcome in your humble abode is to portray a calm, friendly and smiling persona that will put the needs of their clients first.

Moreover, you should practice smiling even when you are not talking to your clients in person. People are intuitive creatures, and clients are more likely than not to sense your mood over the phone, whether you are anxious, disinterested, or in fact, smiling. By smiling over the phone, you are elevating your mood and becoming more open for a productive meeting ahead.

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Greet them like a gentleman

There is nothing that can ruin a meeting and prevent any deals from being struck like an inadequate greeting. You need to welcome your clients into your office with a smile and a firm, friendly and warm handshake, maintaining eye contact and addressing every person by their name.

In case you happen to be occupied with an important phone call or a prolonged meeting, take the time to acknowledge the client’s presence, smile, and quickly proceed to wrap up any current tasks so that you can devote your full attention to your guests.

Eliminate distractions

Eliminating any distractions during your client’s visit will show that you mean serious business and that you respect your guests and in turn, they will feel welcome and consider you a solid, long-term business partner. A distraction can be anything from constant phone ringing to message alerts on your phone or computer, so make sure you conduct your affairs in a private, quiet setting that will promote productivity and trust.

Office appearance is crucial

From the minute they park their car to the moment you see them out the door, you want your clients to be dazzled by the clean, transparent and professional appearance of your office. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your office is tidy and clean, and your employees at their best behavior.

Try to declutter the office of any unnecessary elements and stick to a professional setting that radiates productivity and warmth. As a finishing touch, offer refreshments to your guests and let them enjoy some relaxing tunes while they wait for you to invite them into the office.

Do your research

Researching your client’s interests and hobbies shows that you are interested in their personal lives and well-being, thus creating a unique, trusting relationship. Be sure to find out your clients’ likes and dislikes, ask about their family and their well-being, and spark a friendly conversation about their hobbies if they appear willing to share and discuss these topics.

Build an engaging break room

There are few things in the business world that entice distrust as much as a messy workplace, and letting your employees take their breaks in front of the office, smoking cigarettes, eating and gossiping will make the client think that you don’t have the crew of your own ship under control.

In order to avoid the risk of seeming unprofessional, you should build an engaging break room for your employees to enjoy in peace, a place where they can relax and recuperate. The room can have anything from comfortable seating and pillows to lunch tables and a small kitchen.

You can also build have an entertainment center built and then add a gaming console to let your team blow off some steam. To this end, you should find a pro for wall mounting  your TV because this type of installation will not only save you some space, but also ensure optimal viewing position and protect your unit from accidental bumping or tipping.

Maintain frequent communication

Finally, you want to maintain frequent follow-up communication with your clients, nurture your friendly correspondence and notify them of any news, changes, and even send out questionnaires to help better your services and solidify your partnership. Be sure to send out regular emails that will give useful technical tips and tricks to your clients at no extra charge as a sign of good faith and of your appreciation for their business.

Being a good host is what business is all about. People want to feel welcome and respected at all times, and by implementing these essential guidelines, you will have no problem building up a trustworthy reputation and ensuring exponential, long-term growth.


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