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Social media marketing is predominate among the most popular and excellent forms of marketing online available today. Twitter, in particular, can be an invaluable source of traffic if utilized correctly. After a few moments on the platform, you can encounter what grabs your attention, with the information broken down by interest and geography. Pretty awesome, right? So how do you marketplace your website through Twitter? Well, here are a few simple ways to help you do it right.

  • To begin with, as a website owner, it’s quite essential to have a Twitter account. Today’s successful website owners consider Twitter a strategic platform. Everything there is to know about your website can be linked back while the key information can be featured on the account’s profile.
  • Be exceedingly targeted. As a rule, you must be very direct with all your social media activities.
  • Be entirely aware of why you are there. With this route, you’ll present consistent information rather than being all over the map.
  • Is your primary goal to drive traffic to your website? Or do you want to build your brand? Or do you simply want to become an expert? It’s important to note that all those reasons are valid. And each requires its own unique method and strategy. The best approach is to simply share what you find valuable both to you and your audience.
  • Make copious use of links. Be sure to include links in your twitter stream. It could be a direct link to your products and services; a link to key information; a link to marketing pages, you name it.
  • What you need to bear in mind is that you are offering value from both you and several other websites and that both make an excellent way to provide quality, valued information.
  • Optimize the available multimedia. Initially, Twitter was all about texts only. Nowadays, however, you can integrate images and video into tweets. Visualizations of any moment, in many cases, creates more impact. Most twitter users appreciate a tweet more when all the above are blended.  It’s also important to point out that you must always be thoughtful when it comes to this. Ensure your content is sensational and dynamic.
  • Create sub-brands. This is an evolving marketing trick where, if whatever you have on your website or business is diverse, you proceed to create multiple Twitter accounts, each serving its own purpose. And to make optimal use of it, first realize what your followers expect from you- whether it’s entertainment, customer service, participation or all of them combined. Each account will then have to develop a strategy out of these that works to stimulate maximum use of the available opportunity.
  • Don’t be too promotional – Demonstrate expertize and add in non-business related tweets. As much as you offer expert opinions, guidance or suggestions, it’s absolutely important that you also add in non-business related tweets. Use the search box to find tweets and proceed to offer advice and bits of information for free. Utilizing this route, you’ll attract the attention of most users, generating an interest in them to follow you or refer you to someone.

Aside from the aforementioned, other simple roads you can cleverly promote your website through Twitter include:

  • Post and post tweets often;
  • Retweet from other users;
  • Attend to every answer and all mentions.

All in all, Twitter still remains a great marketing tool you can use to elevate your website. If you practice all the aforementioned methods with the required skill and knowledge, then nothing stands in the way of you seeing your website get boundless traffic.

Good luck.

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Cutting Edge Technology Increases Your Bottom Line

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Sometimes having a full-time job doesn’t bring as big income as a person needs for covering all the expenses. Therefore, people have to find some additional source of income that will make their life much easier. Side business is a great way to earn more money while still working from 9 to 5 on your regular job. Even though it involves certain risks, it does pay off eventually. If you’re one of the people who could use more income and are interested in having a side job, consider some of the following ideas.

Graphic Design

We’re living in the technology era where jobs are oriented towards computers and Internet more and more every day. Therefore, if you’re imaginative and you enjoy creating amazing logos or designs for websites, social networks, and various businesses, become experienced in graphic design. You can learn it on your own, or have a course and that way ensure yourself another source of income very fast. 


A great way to get some extra cash is to become a blogger. This is the perfect job for those who enjoy writing and sharing their passion about certain area with other people, worldwide. However, if you don’t know many people who can help spread the word about you, the money won’t come as quickly. Selling add space, and promoting various products may, however, bring a significant amount of money after some time.

Social Media Expert

According to research, almost 20% of the entire time we spend on the Internet is dedicated to social media.  Therefore, advertising a business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks is very lucrative. This is exactly the reason why many companies look for people who will take care, and update their business accounts that they’ve created on social media. Since it’s very profitable, next time you hear someone is looking for a social media expert, sign up for it.

Pub Owner

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own pub, now is the time to open it. Find a partner that can help you with the investments, costs and all the management. It’s much easier to team up with someone you know and trust, and share the same passion with. All you need to do is find an attractive location, make a couple of interior design modifications and equip the place with furniture. Build a nice bar, get the authentic cross back chairs and in a couple of months your dream will come true.


Taking pictures requires a good perception, and the ability to find beauty in everything. Various people have probably consider dedicating to photography but dismissed it later because they didn’t think it can bring them a lot of money. However, wedding photographers earn a significant amount of money, as well as those who’re hired for birthday parties, christenings, or other happy events. So, taking pictures on weekends can actually make a great income.

Tour Guide

People who enjoy travelling and exploring different places would be perfect tour guides. If they like meeting new people, and learning about history of different countries and cities, the job of a tour guide would be one of the best options for a side job. You can open a travel agency and start your own business, or simply apply at some of the existent agencies.

A full time job doesn’t always provide you with enough money. What’s more, if a person is satisfied with how much they earn, maybe they simply need another job to satisfy their creative side. Not all the people actually do what they love, which is why the side job can be a great way to fulfil both financial and emotional needs.

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