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Are you a one-man show, trying to be a boss, employee and everything in between at the same time? Or a small team of 3, running a company as friends and colleagues? Is your business growing and you think it is time to move it out of your garage or living room? Then shared office space might just be the thing for you. It has many benefits, and here are a few of them that might interest you.

A good trial period

If you are a small company that is just starting out, you might not want to sign a lease for an office space if it will bind you to it for three years or more. Shared offices usually give you the possibility of a short lease, so you can see what working from an office is like, and if you would like it in the long term. The already implemented infrastructure will help you focus solely on your work and growing your business, without having to worry whether there is enough copy paper. You can also try out a couple of different shared office spaces until you find the one that suits you best. However, if you plan on seeing clients in your office, you might want to keep the moving to a minimum, since you don’t want to confuse them.

Saving money

You might have never tried furnishing an office, but there is one thing you should know: It’s expensive. You don’t want your professional space to look cheap or unprofessional, because that can harm your business, but good furniture simply isn’t cheap. Not to mention all the electronics: the computers, printers, copy machines, microwaves and everything in between. Just like buying a house and furnishing it from start to finish is a big and bold move, the same can be said for an office space. Therefore, moving into an office that is already properly furnished, has all the equipment and tools you need and is just waiting for you to come and work is a smart move at the beginning of any serious business.

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Connections on the spot

Working in shared office space, you will obviously be close to other people – and they might just turn out to be your new partners. Those two people who are doing a similar job in the office next to yours might just decide to team up with you. There might be a graphic designer a floor below that can make you a perfect logo for your company, or a legal consultant that can help you with all your paperwork. You never know what connections you can make or how you can use somebody’s services. Shared office space Sidney is gaining more and more popularity, and that’s probably because having a group of people of various interests working in the same place means that creative ideas and new partnerships are simply bound to happen. If you and the people around you are working in the same industry, you can bounce clients to one another and benefit everybody.

To recap, working in a shared office space is a good strategic move financially and professionally, since it gives you enough freedom to focus solely on your work, as well as a stable base of operations. You will be able to meet new people and get creative by combining projects, or you can simply stick to doing your own thing, and nobody will bother you if you tell them not to. It is a stimulating and engaging environment and a concept that we are sure to see more of in the future.


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