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Many people have discovered the wonders of Feng Shui and the importance of our surroundings for our own mind and emotions. The same goes for the colors of the walls. If you’re skeptical towards the notion of Feng Shui, there are scientific studies that actually prove that different colors and various shades can influence mood, energy as well as productivity.

Colors and productivity

Every person reacts differently to different colors. Actually, colors give away wavelengths that stimulate people’s brains – specifically, the hypothalamus and hormones that govern most of the activities. In this regard, how a certain color is going to influence someone is strongly subjective and individual. Still, it has been noted that four colors have the biggest impact on humans– red, blue, green and yellow. Red is associated with body, blue with mind, green with overall balance and yellow with emotion. The intensity or the hue of the colors is what determines the level of productivity more than the color itself. The brighter the color the more stimulating it is. Similarly, the softer the hue the more soothing the color sensation will be. Therefore, choosing the perfect color and its hue should solely depend on the type of business and one’s personality.


Since red is the color that stimulates the body and increases heart rate, it’s one of the best color choices for work places where physical stamina is needed. This fiery color can increase productivity at work places that require constant fast pace and movement, as well as quick wit. Moreover, it has the ability to focus the customer’s attention better than any other color.


Blue is the complete opposite of red. It has the power to calm the mind and clear the thoughts of any unnecessary disturbances. This is why the color blue is perfect for office walls at work places where employees deal with a lot of mental work. Still, blue is a rather cool color and some brighter elements such as yellow or orange can be introduced to achieve balance and bring back some emotion.


Green is the color that brings back the feeling of balance in an otherwise stressful atmosphere. Therefore, if you’re prone to anxiety or deal with stressful tasks, green can increase your productivity by gently soothing the mind. What’s more, darker shades of green are associated with money and financial success. While it’s perfect for some people, green can only slow down those who seek activity and stimulus in their working environment. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect your own needs before choosing the wall color.


Yellow is the color that speaks to positive emotions such as optimism, happiness and joy. Therefore, those in creative business can really benefit from the right shade of yellow when it comes to the productivity. Still, one should be very careful with yellow since the wrong shade can actually cause anxiety, as can many other shades of otherwise productive colors.

Office design

The colors wouldn’t mean a lot if the office design itself causes pressure and stress. Decluttering and finding efficient office fitout solutions is one of the most important parts of increasing productivity at work. Successful working environment is clean and mess-free with well-incorporated storage options.

In order to find your perfect productivity wall color you have to consider your own preferences at work, what kind of stimulus you need and of course, the kind of business you’re in. To understand what shade and color suit you the best, test yourself by looking at color samples. When you find your perfect color, make sure to check what hue provides you with the desired sensation.

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