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Why you should consider working from home

A lot of companies are providing their employees with the option of working from home. The technology and access to the internet allow for this without any loss of productivity. However, some employees are still reluctant about taking the opportunity because they feel it compromises their personal space and erases the line between work and family life.

For most jobs, the benefits of working from home far outweigh the downsides. If you manage to organize your home office and your daily routine, this set up will help you be both more productive and have a more fulfilled personal life.


This setup allows the employees to have more flexibility with their time and obligations. They can start and finish their workload as it suits their needs and preferences as long as the job gets done fast enough and reliably enough.

The employees would measure success based on the productivity and the quality of the work instead of the hours put in. This is fairer and it allows the employees to base their work on their unique skills and talents.

Add flexibility to your schedule

Proximity to home and family

Most people hate their job not because it’s hard or because they don’t like the work, but because it takes them away from their home and their family for a large part of the day. This is especially true for those who have a long commute to and from work. Research also shows that commute is the most lonesome and depressing part of a job.

When you’re working from home, this isn’t an issue. The commute doesn’t exist and you can take as many breaks as you want in order to spend time with your loved ones.

Health and comfort

A healthy and comfortable working environment is a top priority for any employee. It isn’t so for the companies – or at least it isn’t always something companies can afford. When you’re working from home, you get to design your own working environment and you can make it suitable to your own needs.

Everything from picking out modern office furniture to preparing the snacks and creating a work schedule is up to the employees themselves. Designing an office according to your taste and needs also means that you’ll be more productive and approach the job with greater passion.

Become more productive working from home


It may seem like the employees who aren’t supervised will tend to work less or make more mistakes. It’s true that even virtual offices need to have some rules and structure, but they can hardly be deemed as “not productive”. In fact, most of the time employees working from home do a better and more thorough job than their coworkers working in an office space.

By allowing the employees to make their own schedules and to work when they feel the most productive and prepared, the company is actually increasing productivity and job satisfaction which are very much linked together.

The cost

In the end, working from home is cost effective for both the company and the employees. The company doesn’t have to spend money on buying or renting offices. This can be pretty expensive especially if you think about the additional costs of utilities and managing the office.

The employees also need to pay for working in an office. The commute can be very expensive depending on where you live. There are no such expenses when you’re working from home. And all the money that the company saves on this can find its way to the employees in one way or another.

Working from home could prove to be beneficial for both the company and the employees. It can unlock your productivity and make the job easier and more engaging.

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