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These days, it seems that every single company in the market is looking for and trying out new ways to boost workplace productivity. The current “green” initiative seeks to reduce energy expenditure by shifting towards energy-efficient appliances and office solutions, looking for new and improved ways of designing the office layout to promote efficiency and allow employees to enjoy a workplace that clutter and distraction free. Although most of these solutions require a reasonable budget, there are some low-cost tips and tricks you can use to increase your workplace productivity.

Bring plants into the office

An Australian study performed by the University of Queensland has concluded that adding plant life to the office can result in a 15% increase in employee productivity. This finding clearly contradicts the popular belief that minimally-appointed or “lean” office spaces improve efficiency and further states that office landscape makes the workplace more comfortable, enjoyable, productive and ultimately profitable. Make sure to include a couple of air-purifying plants, such as the Dracaena, Fichus, Spider Plant or Snake Plant.

Improve the lighting conditions

Adding more natural light into the office not only improves productivity but also has a beneficial impact on sleep quality and quality of life in general. Today, the vast majority of work is performed online, which means that the average employee spends the better part of the day sitting behind a computer monitor. If this is the case with your company, you might want to consider moving all your employee’s tables towards the windows in order to help them reduce fatigue, improve focus and the overall mood throughout the workday.

Get a smart thermostat

When it comes to traditional office spaces, the number one complaint most of the employees will have is always the temperature. Deciding on the right temperature inside the office is a tricky business, especially when dealing with a large number of employees. Fortunately, smart thermostats were designed with this specific issue in mind and most of them actively learn the workday patterns and tailor the optimal cooling or heating conditions accordingly. A smart thermostat even allows workers to vote for the ideal temperature via their browsers or smartphone apps.

Avoid condoning the use of social media

Until recently, the vast majority of companies would simply issue a ban on social media during work hours. The reason behind this was fairly simple: how can workers finish their tasks and maintain a certain level of productivity if they’re mindlessly scrolling through various social media feeds. However, a survey performed by Microsoft has shown that around a half of all workers agree that their productivity has actually increased due to the use of social media and appropriate social media tools. Not to mention that skimming over social media feeds every now and then actually improves mood and provides a quick mental break before returning back to work.

Add quiet spaces to your office layout

One of the main issues with open-office designs is that it completely ignores workplace privacy and as such, results in a number of distractions throughout the workday. Around 17% of all office-based employees agree that quiet spaces are no longer a matter of choice, but rather a matter of necessity, practicality and, ultimately, productivity. Although handling disruptions is an integral part of working inside an office, a hectic work environment hinders performance and leads to the employees feeling stressed and overworked. Alternatively, you can put thicker rugs on the floors and replace the traditional office dividers with noise-canceling alternatives.

Get Pixel Evolution Now

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by a number of changes you will have to incorporate, but keep in mind that none of these methods are designed as changes you can accomplish overnight. Quite the contrary, each office deals with its own unique set of problems and the best idea would be to perform a full office assessment and deal with the most pressing issues first. If you’re unsure on what might be the greatest productivity hurdle, don’t be afraid to ask your employees. Chances are, they will have an answer ready without even having to think about it.

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